Since the very early days of DÔEN, we’ve always sketched and designed with a certain reverence for the nostalgia of decades past, working to emulate the touch and feel of our favorite vintage keepsakes—from lace-cutwork linens we found at a flea market in Paris to the intricately embroidered flowy dresses of ‘70s bohemia. For the last seven years, there have always been exceptionally special pieces in our collection we’ve considered heirlooms—designs that we treasure and will pass down to our children.

Starting with our Fall 2022 Collection, we began to release a small selection of DÔEN Heirloom pieces—made in very limited quantities due to the unique techniques, time-intensive processes, and meticulous craftsmanship, these extra-special items are treasures to be cherished; each one has an Heirloom label signifying the exceptional nature of the design. We hope you love wearing them as much as we loved designing them for you.

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