Navy Peranakan Blue Tile Batik

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Batik is not sold individually, add to cart only to select this batik for your custom piece. No additional cost is added when you select this batik. Please note we will advice if selected batik is suitable for the chosen garment design after receiving your order.

Garment care

  • Machine wash like colors together at max 40 deg
  • For dark colored batiks: Tumble / wring dry to avoid residual dye water
    drippings. This can cause temporary color transfer when dried.
  • Do not soak
  • Medium to high iron (cotton settings)

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Pick a fabric

Archived designs are available in another fabric of your choice. Contact us to see what is available.

Customised details

We may tweak details or the original design of the finished piece based on fabrics selected. This will be your own unique piece.

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